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Our brides opinion about their experience with our luxury services.


There are no professionals like Mara anymore! We met at the wedding of a friend of mine, and since then I knew that I would want her services at my wedding day as well! Mara is very sensitive, flexible, and dedicated. I knew I was in great hands, and that allowed me to enjoy this important day with full inner peace!
Thank you Mara, you are an amazing human being!

Bride Mariana

Testimonial Bride M

Not only she is a great professional, but also a very special person. Mara is extremely careful, and has a great vibe! She totally dives into the entire process of the wedding, and keeps up with everything going on. She is super helpfull!

Bride Mimi

Bride S. testimonial

Mara is the best! She is a very special person, so sweet and kind, and her hands are really talented. She helped and  tranquilized me since the beggining, and together we picked the hairstyle of my dreams, which surpassed everything I ever imagined. It was just perfect! Dear Mara: thank you so much for all you dedication and affection. I was very lucky to find you!

Bride Sara


For my wedding, I asked Mara to do the hairstyle of 6 people, including me, and the result couldn ́t be better. From my mother ́s very fine hair, to 2 african hair family members, and also my fishtail braid - greater versatility with such quality was impossible.
And all this during only 4 hours!

Bride Alexandra

Bride J. testimonial.JPG

Mara immediatly understood what I had in mind.
It was perfect!

Bride Jessica


Mara is patient, calm, professional, and very kind. At the wedding day, her service exceeded my expectations.
I recommend all the brides to do the hair trial with Mara - If you love braids like me, you will become a fan of her work!

Bride Andreia

Bride C. Testimonial.JPG

Just amazing! Mara is such a kind person, and a huge professional!

Bride Carolina

Thank you, Mara, for being who you are, for your art, and for this amazing hairstyle, I loved it!
Five stars service!

Bride Susana


I always knew that I wanted a braided hairstyle, and from the first moment I knew that Mara was the right person for the job. Together we explored many different options, and Mara always was a very flexible and patient person. On the wedding day, everything went great and the final result was amazing!

Bride Márcia

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